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Hay Festival 2023 - Sponsoring Elly Griffiths, Stig Abell, and Mick Herron!

What an incredible day at the Hay Festival! We got to sponsor and meet Elly Griffiths, Stig Abell, and Mick Herron, and bumped into Chris and Kate in the green room during the breaks! All of them were incredible, intelligent, approachable, and down-to-earth people, and I look forward to going next year!

This was quite surreal seeing RomaReads Publishing on stage with all these established authors. A funny, insightful, and engaging talk, and that hour just flew by!

(Here are a few more photos of our time at Hay!)

The Hay River!

Chris, Kate, Magnus, Jet, and mum!

Me, trying to not feel self conscious about the fact the camera is looking right at me.

The dream staircase at one of the biggest bookshops in Hay!

The weather was beautiful and everyone was fantastic. Mum also got to meet Chris and Kate, two people she is a massive fan of! There were nothing but antique stores and bookshops! Honestly? My idea of heaven. AND I showed so much self control I only bought two books! It was a much needed break, but I'm more happy that mum had a great time than anything! Speak to everyone soon!

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