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You can also find RomaReads Publishing Podcast on:



  • Google Podcasts: (Google is taking a while to approve the podcast, but in a few days it should be on Google Podcasts as well)



  • Pocket Casts: (The link does not seem to be working, but if you are on Pocket Casts, search RomaReads Publishing Podcast and it should be there!)







  • The Podcast Index: (This is a search directory for podcasts) Podcast Index Feed ID: 6662660






  • Overcast and Castbox: (I think you need to log in to either of these to see the show, but it should be on here as well)


Please note: Applications to be interviewed on our podcast are currently closed, though we will make an announcement on our social media posts and newsletter when applications re-open. If you want me to put you down on a waiting list, please send your email, name, and subject of discussion to, thank you!

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