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Doorway Light


Dark, engrossing, suspenseful, and plot-driven. Tales of suspense, excitement, surprise, and anticipation, collected together, waiting to entice their next reader.

Summer Items


Whether you're looking for humour that relates, humour that self depricates, humur that's romantic, humour based in tragedy, something light or something dark, there's something here garunteed to amuse and entertain. 

Image by Anna Gru


Set yourself in a world bursting with the magical and supernatural, myths and folklore, worlds far away from the norm you know.


Science Fiction

With dystopian wastelands, steampunk inventions, technology from a future time, you can indulge in a journey far beyond space, time, and the universe as we know it. 

The Leap

Action and Adventure

We found our collection of adventure titles hidden beneath the sands of the Sahara Desert, which were brushed off and restored back to us, for you to relive the adventure as vicariously as the characters did.

Person at Night with Smoke


Curiosity killed the cat...

But did satisfaction bring it back?

Cursed Attic


What scares, startles, and shocks you? Furious spirits stalking abandoned hallways? Unimaginable monsters with features far beyond human understanding? Or is real life, with all its quirks, much more frightening? Whatever it is, you'll find something to torture yourself with here.


Historical Fiction

Experience characters, events, movements, and spirits from long ago in the present moment. Though these events may be long past, you may relate more to these characters than you may think!

Red Roses


Romance can be found in the mysterious, spiritual, and adventurous walks of life. Love can be one of the most incredible feelings, or one of the worst, but one thing is for certain: there is no other feeling like it.

Paper Heart


A place for those who want a genre specifically about LGBTQ+ relationships, that discusses the stresses and cultural/social issues around sexuality, and that can validate and understand. 


Young Adult (YA)

For those navigating through or reliving the emotional turbulence of teenage life, here is a collection of coming-of-age fiction that relates to insecurities, first loves, and home life. 

Cartoons in the Air


A collection of brightly coloured worlds can be found here, with picture books and easy-to-read stories, fairy-tales and fables, and heroes and villains of all kinds can be found in this section.

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