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The Very First Bookfair of RomaReads Publishing

Back in August of 2023, we launched our very first bookfair of RomaReads Publishing! Here was the original announcement:

"Upcoming Event!

I am excited to announce RomaReads Publishing's very first book fair! 

After looking through my list of book fairs, I ended up thinking, 'There just isn't enough book fairs in Essex!' With such creative minds in the area, I wanted to organise an event that brought together everyone interested in reading and writing, and to celebrate the creative talents people have to offer! I also thought it would be a nice way for people to meet RomaReads Publishing, and to answer any questions that people might have about writing. 

There will be refreshments, stalls, and guest speakers. Some of our stalls feature creative illustrators, writers and authors, and even photographers who have their pieces featured in published books and there will be guest speakers telling us about all manner of fascinating subjects!

There are some spaces for stalls left. Stalls are £10 each (to cover the cost of hiring the hall), and speaking is free, though it is limited to 20 minutes maximum. Spaces are selling out fast, so if you are interested, please email: to secure your spot.

Looking forward to seeing you there!"

So, how did it go?

It went amazingly well!

We had local authors, writing groups, people who hadn't written before but who wanted to give it a go, and the fantastic 'The Nose' Bookshop!

I was completely blown away by the strength and generosity of the community! There was a moment where I was standing by my stall, watching everyone chatting, swapping details and networking, and the warm, supportive, and excitable vibe was incredible to witness. It's what we really set out to achieve, to bring together like-minded people, and I cannot thank you all enough for being such wonderful and open people to make that vibe happen! I even got a bit emotional towards the end when I was thanking everyone for coming!

A few people came up to me to ask if I was planning on throwing another event, and when! This is such a beautiful compliment, because this was my very first event like this I've ever thrown, so for people to come up and ask this was just so heart-warming! I am happy to say a big YES! We are certainly going to be throwing another book fair! I'm thinking annually, or perhaps bi-annually, depending on what people think!

Thank you all again for coming along, every single one of you, I cannot stress enough how much your support means the world to me, and I just Roma appreciates it too! <3

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