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The Very First Book of RomaReads Publishing is Here!

Teacher's Pet is finally here!

I, ironically, cannot put it into words how happy I am to be able to write this announcement. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

The first 50 books sold will come signed and wrapped in vintage, coffee-coloured wrapping paper and string, with a hand-done wax seal and a personalised thank you note!

In 1962, four teenagers commit a harmless prank on their teacher the day before summer holidays start. But as hidden truths come to light, events take a sinister turn, and the teenagers are forced into making a decision that will haunt the rest of their lives forever...

With memorable characters and a surprising ending, new psychological thriller 'Teacher's Pet' is a suspenseful page-turner full of captivating twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the very end. The fast-paced plot offers a gripping story where these memorable characters learn important lessons about revenge, how quickly the truth can be twisted, and how the consequences of their actions will follow them for the rest of their lives...
See the very first review of Teacher's Pet!
"Loved it! 😍
'In 1962, four boys decide to pull a harmless prank. What follows is a murder case that spans decades, and a shocking truth.'
'Four boys, a harmless prank, two murders, and three lives changed forever. The last day of school signalled the beginning of the 6-week summer break for students at the Westview Secondary School for Boys. However, for Elijah, Mason, Jacob, and Ethan, the bells' last ring was their much-anticipated queue. Spearheaded by Elijah, the boys decided to pull a prank on one of their teachers. They would kidnap her, put her into a cupboard and leave her there for a few minutes before letting her out. It was planned out to the last detail and seemed failproof. But when nerves go frail and emotions topple over, unexpected truths are revealed, and the boys are forced to make a haunting decision that would alter their lives forever. Teacher's pet by Lauren Ilbury is a chilling psychological thriller that will keep you on edge, earnestly hanging unto every word.'
'This book follows the events that occur decades after the prank incident, and as more characters come into the scene, the reader is instantly tasked with finding out the roles they might have played in the events of almost three decades ago. As most psychological thrillers go, the mind is the author's playground, and the story is never complete without an unexpected twist that leaves the reader gob-smacked. Readers should expect a similar experience with this book. An experience that keeps their mind whirling in a constant attempt to provide answers.'
'The author did start slow and steady, gradually leading readers into the plot. This was successful as a result of their writing style. It was simple, descriptive and incredibly vivid, leaving no room for confusion or lag. The character development in this book is impeccable, and with a story like this was essential in piecing its elements together. Every character was explored in-depth, exposing their flaws and perceptions and allowing readers to understand fully the ‘why’ and ‘how’ behind their thoughts and actions. You could picture Marilyn's loud and almost irrational attitude or Tammy's soft but no-nonsense demeanour. I was genuinely impressed at how the author did that, given that this book contained many characters. This book is also written from several point of views, aiding comprehension.'
'I always like to think I'm good at figuring out plot twists, but with this book, I couldn't have possibly guessed the outcome. I liked that I could not figure anything out until the author wanted me to. Readers are fed mini surprises and cliffhangers throughout the book that keep you hooked, the characters are endearing, and one would find themselves building a connection with them." - Amarachi Nwankwo, Professional Book Reviewer, Reedsy Discovery
 It is insane to write these words. There were times where I wondered whether I was doing the right thing, starting up this publishing company, especially when I would solve one problem and ten more would take its place.  

But I am so proud to say that I fought through every last challenge with both this book and this company because the purpose of them both is fighting for. From the home page of RomaReads Publishing:

"It is about creating a platform for authors to share their art, proudly watch them bring an idea into the world, see others become inspired by their message, and use this message for good."

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