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How do you generate story ideas when you have none?

Sometimes, one of the most paralyzing things about writing is that fresh new sheet of paper. You stare at it, but ironically enough, it is the one and only time your head has been completely empty. How do you find things to fill that piece of paper? Here are some 4 quick tips to help you along!

  1. Ask yourself 6 quick questions Break it down and worry about the actual writing later. Focus on just one of these questions, or all 6, whatever one kickstarts the story! For example, you might have an idea about a struggling actor who wants nothing more than to make it big. This would be a good starting point to build the rest of your world around! Plot: What happens? Characters: What perspectives are we seeing? Setting: What environment are we living in? Point of view: Are we seeing this through the characters eyes, or are we seeing it as an observer? Theme: What's the message of the story? Style: How is your own personal writing style going to tell the story?

  1. Rewrite fairy tales! Take a story you know well, and use that as a starting point. The world and the characters are already established, but you can tweak whatever details you want to tweak to make it your own. What would happen if a new character was introduced? If the wolf was actually hired by the grandma? If the fairy tale was written as a poem? (I would argue that 'Hookwinked' is a great film and a good example of this.)

  1. Start with what's missing Start with the story or plot you always look for on the shelves but can never seem to find. What plot do you look for? Have you always wanted to read about a dog shaped mug that comes to life and pursues its dream of becoming an accountant, but for some strange reason can never seem to find that plot on the shelves? Then write it yourself!

  1. Note down 5 random objects A little like using creative writing prompts, you're going out into the world and creating your own writing prompt! Go for a walk, or even just around your house, and note down five random objects, then create a story based off of those objects. It forces your mind to draw links where there are none! [Or of course, you can always use the prompts we give out in the newsletter ;) ]

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